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White Handle Flogger Black

Ideal leather

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Premium Black Leather Flogger Whip, Diamonds Handle Grip and Wrist Strap Horseback Riding


Out of stock

Top quality genuine leather and complete control is yours with this 51cm specimen of the finest of floggers. Trail its leather fronds over your lover’s naughty behind and build up to satisfying stings with each and every thwack. Simply delicious.

Quench the thirst of all the senses with this Flogger offering. 100% leather, it feels sensational against bare skin, smells irresistible and makes an impressive ‘slapping’ sound during play. Try altering your grip to test alternative flogging techniques.

Key Features:

  • Professional standard 51cm leather flogger for your bondage toy collection
  • An investment piece for seasoned bondage fans