Sir’S Golden Geisha Balls


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Sirs Golden Geisha Balls. Supremely weighted orgasm inducing balls that are ideal for Kegel strengthening and stimulating her from the inside out.


In stock

I held the little golden balls in my hand. They had smaller, weighted balls inside them….What am I to do with these?…I asked. Sir smiled at his demure pupil….Put them inside you, dear…he said. Confused and excited, I did as I was instructed. Slipping in the first one, and then the next…Now, I want you to slowly walk toward the door…Sir said. Doing as I was told, I felt the most thrilling sensations happening inside and found that I had to flex my vaginal muscles to keep the balls from falling out…Good girl…he said…Now come here, I want to see you moving with them in…

Measurements: 3.3 cm in diameter.

Material: ABS plastic

Colour: Gold

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