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Siime Plus Emerald Green


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SVAKOM Siime Plus Video Camera Vibrator

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Siime Plus

● 1-megapixel camera
● Connect phone or computer with cable
● Hidden lights.
● SVAKOM intelligent mode.
● Environmentally friendly material.
● Whisper Quiet.
● Rechargeable.

High-Quality Video Camera Vibrator

Siime Plus is equipped with a high quality camera and easy to connect your phone or computer with cable. The vibrations, pulsations and visualization, they’re all here with Siime Plus. Siime Plus allows you to enjoy the pleasure meanwhile capturing the most intimate moments and explore the most intimate parts of the body. Siime Plus has a built-in multifunctional cable that allows you to connect the vibrator to the computer, or an android phone (has OTG function). Take pictures or videos of the most intimate part and share with your partner whether they are beside you or miles away.

Innovative Design

An innovative thought created this product, a vibrator, that allows you to look deep inside you while masturbating. How sexy!

TimoInternal High Quality Macro Camera

Siime Plus has a built-in high quality macro camera and hidden LED lights set to light up the inside of your intimate part when it is connected to the PC or phone. You can also record and share the wonderful sex adventure to your partner via pictures or videos(The camera is 1 megapixel).
TimoSVAKOM Intelligent Mode
Siime Plus has a SVAKOM intelligent mode which highly imitates the whole sex process from the foreplay to climax. Simply press the S key, you will go on a wonderful sex journey. From bashful foreplay, sexy teasing, strong pulsing, to max orgasm, it’s a heavenly sex experience you don’t want to miss.
TimoHidden lights

Siime Plus has four hidden LED lights at the tip of the camera, which enable her to see clearly even in complete darkness.
TimoWhisper Quiet
Siime Plus has a powerful motor yet very quiet when operating. So don’t worry about being overheard.
Siime Plus adopted a rechargeable lithium battery, she has a battery capacity of 430 mAh which can be fully-charged in 2 hours, and provide about 3 hours of continuous pleasure.
TimoCompletely Waterproof Eco-Friendly Material

Siime Plus is made of environmentally friendly silicone, it passed all the strict tests and reached high standard before going to the market.
TimoConnect with your PC or Phone

Win7 or below:
A. Please install the software “Siime conected download page you can download it from svakom.net – Customer Service and install it.
B. Press the webcam light button on the product (make sure Siime Plus has connected to your computer or laptop first).
C. Open the installed software, select the “USB video device” under “Device”.


Win8 or above:
A. Press the webcam light button on the product (make sure Siime Plus has connected to your computer or laptop first).
B. Click “window” to open the window menu and open the Camera app.


Mac OS:
A. Press the webcam light button on the product (make sure Siime Plus has connected to your Mac first).
B. Click “photo booth”
C. Click “Camera”, choose “USB 2.0 PC Cam”.


Android Phones (has to be OTG functioned):*
A. Download the SVAKOM app from Google Play.
B. Connect Siime Plus with your phone through the cable, you can connect to any android phone whether the port is Micro USB or USB-C.
C. Click the webcam light button on the Siime Plus, your phone will automatically goes to the SVAKOM APP camera mode. (Click allow as “always” the at the first time for your convenient use.)



*App is only compatible with IOS, Windows and Google Play/Android only


●Material: body-safe silicone
● Size:Φ25×165mm
● Weight:74g
● Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
● Battery Capacity:430mAh
● Charging Time:1.5 Hours
● Maximum continuous use:3 hour

App is only compatible with IOS and Google Play/Android only