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Short Feather Tickler

Ideal leather

In stock

Even the most tickle-resilient sub will soon be squirming under the feathery strokes of this luxurious tickler. Designed to excite the nerve endings for exquisitely increased sensitivity, it makes an ideal beginner’s introduction to sensory play.

Prolong your foreplay with the sensual strokes provided by the plume of soft feathers. Its  handle allows easy access to all areas of your lover’s body in a single movement, leaving your other hand free for whatever you see fit.


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The most glorious sensation trailing down my spine. The softest caress of feathers dance upon my skin. How is it possible that something so light can stir up such desire?


Black, Maroon, Purple, Red


  • Soft feather tickler for titillating sensory play
  • Best enjoyed with a blindfold as a prelude to more intense stimulation
  • Perfect for couples and newcomers to bondage
  • Beautiful design that can be left out in your bedroo
  • Measurements: 27 cm
  • Material: Feathers

Available in 4 Colours : Red,Black,Purple & Maroon