Sex Doll Bella


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Sex Doll Bella is a seductive and attractive sex doll with a gorgeous face and busty body. This real love doll has soft skin that can pose for any sexual position as desire.


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Height: 158cm
Weight: 28kg
Upper body length: 44cm
Head circumference: 50cm
Waist circumference: 50cm
Hip circumference: 75cm
Shoulder breadth: 35cm
Arm length: 43cm
Length of hand: 15cm
Long leg: 76cm
Foot code: 36size
Depth of vagina: 14CM
Head circumference: 50cm
Bust 78cm

  • Care and Maintenance of your Doll
    The doll should be cleaned every 10-15 days with a with soft towel using mild
    shower foam. A surgical clamp with cotton swabs can be used to clean the
    doll’s vagina and anus. The doll’s head should be removed and cleaned
    separately. Keep the head away from water. Use a small wet towel to gently
    clean the face, please do it lightly. Use a clean towel to dry the doll and
    apply baby powder to the skin. Never use a hair dryer to blow the doll dry.
    Wash the wig with mild shampoo and and allow the wig dry itself naturally.
    If the doll’s skin becomes sticky apply baby powder which will make it dry
    and smooth again.
    Please do not over-stretch the doll because silicone is very soft. Keep the
    doll away from sharp objects like knives or scissors which can damage the skin.
    The doll is a little heavy and should be moved carefully to avoid knocking it
    against an object or dropping it which may break it. Some poorly made bright
    colored fabrics may transfer dye onto the doll’s skin. If this occurs stain
    remover is available. Should a break or tear appear on the skin TPE glue will
    mend the wound without any visible marks. Consult with the manufacturer for
    detailed instructions on dye removal and use of TPE glue on the doll’s skin.
    Keep the doll away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry shady place.
    A suggestion is to keep the doll clothed to help prevent it getting dirty
    while not in use.
    The doll’s vagina is tight so please use lubricant. Most people prefer to use
    a condom to decrease the chance of any harm to your skin from friction.
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