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Pure Pleasures Sex Toy Disinfectant Spray


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Playing is fun and could get messy.
Sterile toys mean safe fun because unnecessary infections could be avoided.
Our revolutionary toy disinfectant aids in eliminating germs, bacteria and yeast without using harmful chemicals or additives.
We have extensive tests and approvals for its use in the USA and South Africa

Free From Nasties such as:

Isopropyl Alcohol, Harmful Chemicals, Benzalkonium Chloride, Chlorhexidine, Phenols, Aldehydes, Triclosan, Fragrances, Preservatives, Colourants, Petro-Chemicals, Synthetic chemicals, Formaldehyde and Phthalates.

1. Pure Pleasure’s Sex-Toy disinfectant is primarily a Multipurpose medical product to prevent and help cure infections.
2. To spray sex-toys before use
3. To spray hands before sex (to prevent infecting the vaginal area with any viruses and bacteria)
4. helps with yeast, viral and bacterial infections and
5. helps relieve itchiness from these infections

Product features:
• used to disinfect toys (before and after use),
• spray hands before and after sex
• (when necessary) spray directly into and over the vaginal open to help cure yeast infections (by killing bacteria, yeast and viruses)
• free of harmful chemicals
• made from water, electricity and salt (world wide patented)
• tested and approved by SABS


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Pure Pleasure’s Sex-Toy disinfectant ,Clean up your toys after playing!

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