Pretty Love Kegel Tighten Up 3

Pretty Love

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Vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity are made in a sheath of hypoallergenic medical silicone, which is very pleasant to the touch. It is smooth and velvety.


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Vaginal balls with a free core. If necessary, the balls are removed from the shell. Total length with return tail: 17 cm. Length without tail: 8.5 cm. Ball diameter: 3.5 cm. Ball diameter without sheath: 3 cm. Total weight: 92 g. Weight of 1 ball: 39 gr. Material: Silicone, ABS. Color: Mint These amazing silicone kegel balls with free-roaming weights inside will constantly stimulate you throughout the day and simultaneously work on tighten your vaginal muscles. Simply insert the two balls and leave the silicone tail outside. These kegel balls have smaller weighted balls inside the silicone sleeves and with every movement you make they move, causing a mild knocking sensations. Not only does this feel incredible, but your muscles will contract, giving you a stimulating vaginal workout like no other. Key Features: Weight: 92g Material: Silicone + ABS

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