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Whether its your first time experimenting with love balls ,You owe it to your orgasm to take a look at the triple lover love balls!


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Another fun and at the same time very useful thing: the anal chain Pretty Love Balls made of pink silicone. It is undoubtedly appreciated by lovers of the sharp. The chain consists of several elastic balls connected by flexible elements and has a small ring on the end that can be put on the finger or clamped in the palm of your hand. A little surprise for lovers of anal sex: at the base of the ring there is a small process with a thickening and a mustache at the end. It provides additional stimulation of the perineum in the process of insertion or extraction. By adjusting the angle of inclination, you can achieve very strong sensations. Despite a somewhat unusual look, it copes remarkably well with the function assigned to it, is completely safe, durable and, importantly, inexpensive. The length of the chain is 15 cm. The material is well stretched, easily takes the original shape. The gadget will be useful for both beginners and experienced lovers of anal sex. Undoubtedly, the little pink thing Pretty Love Balls will take a worthy place in the collection of intimate toys.   Vibration: No Batteries: No Overall length: 25.5 Color: Crimson Material: Silicone

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