Paddle With Silver Studs


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For sweet stings and spine-tingling strokes, extend and upgrade your palm with this advanced leather paddle. Rigid and smooth, it delivers audible slaps which leave bottoms rosy red and warm, while raised studs offer cool contrast.
Perfect for couples who like awakening impact and variety when they spank, this studded paddle is great for experimenting with sensation, without swapping tools. Focus your attention on your sub’s sweet spot with a range of taps, slaps and whacks until their skin turns rosy red.



Studded Leather Paddle. Leaves a great impression!


Black, Red

  • Studded leather paddle for advanced spanking
  • Metal studs frame both sides of the spanking surface for extra sensation
  • Cool metal studs contrast against hot, stinging skin
  • Leather wrist strap offers foolproof grip for confident swings
  • 31.5 cm

Available in 2 Colors : Red & Black