Leather Table Tennis Paddle


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Tap, slap or thwack? Share thrilling anticipation and sensory delight with your lover with Bondage Boutique’s Round Faux Leather Paddle. Designed to deliver a range of sensations, from delicate taps to body-tingling slaps without using real leather.

The lightly padded side dampens blows for gentle impact, while its smooth flat side provides ear-bending slaps for shared excitement.



Genuine Leather Spanking Paddle Leaves a great impression!



Blue, Red

  • Round faux leather spanking paddle for versatile impact play
  • Wide spanking surface spreads sensation for maximum satisfaction
  • Dual-sided for varied stimulation
  • Genuine leather
  • 26.5cm
  • Available in 2 colors : Blue & Red

Top tip: Kick-start your sensory play session with a light tickle from a feather tickler to arouse the senses and excitement levels before graduating to a jolly good spanking.