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Muira Puama Extract Can Increase The Erotic Sensibility
Vitamin B Promotes The Formation Of The Red Cells
For More Intense Feeling During Your Next Sexual Adventure.


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The remarkable success of eXXtreme power caps has now inspired us to develop special caps to stimulate and promote the libido for women. The main active ingredient has its origins in the essence of the cardamom root, which has been used for centuries as a source of strength by South American Indians. The caps also contain guarana powder. Guarana has an invigorating and refreshing effect; it stimulates, sharpens the perceptions and can boost staying power and stamina. What is more to enhance the overall effect, these caps also contain a rare potency wood = Muira Puama extract – which is also well known among the indigenous people for its strengthening and libido stimulating effects. The specially developed formula for women is rounded off with vitamin B3 and folic acid.

Ingredients: 50, 8% Cardamom Semen Powder, 17% Oatmeal, Capsule (Gelatine, Colouring Agent E171 And E172), Magnesiumstearate (Separating Agent) 5, 1% Guarana Semen Powder, 1, 7% Muira Puama Bark Extract, Niacinamide And Folic Acid

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