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Funny Steel Pin Wheel

Funny Steel

Out of stock

This Pinwheel provides a pins and needles sensation when rolled across the skin, and has been great for sensory play.


Out of stock

Introduce sensory experimentation to your playtime with this Pinwheel. This simple toy delicately prickles the skin and awakens the senses for increased sensory response.

This pinwheel measures just 150mm in overall length, making it ideal for naughty nights away from home. Unlike other Wheels which feature metal spikes, this beginner’s wheel offers a less intense type of sensation for first time play.

Not just for BDSM fans, run the wheel across various parts of your lovers body to see where they like it most, and experiment with different levels of pressure to discover a whole new range of exciting sensations.

Key Features:

  • Miniature pinwheel for beginner’s sensory play
  • A perfect introduction to sensory experimentation
  • Spikes on a rotating wheel to awaken the senses