5 Meter Cotton Rope


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Sometimes, less is more, and when it comes to bondage rope it can be the difference between binding your partner for sexy fun, and tangling yourself into a spaghetti-like heap. Don’t be spaghetti, be sexy! Tie like a pro for sensational restraint play.

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Pretend to be a sailor and show off your knot skills, or, alternatively, indulge in restraint play with your partner and embark on something altogether more thrilling.Shorter than the average rope, this 5 metre length is perfect for more simple tie-styles.


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Pink, Purple

  • 5 metre bondage rope for tie and tease restraint play
  • Soft cotton rope for comfortable restraint
  • Matte finish prevents knotwork slippage
  • Shorter rope better suited to wrist and ankle binding
  • Suitable for all levels of bondage player

Available in 2 Colours : Pink & Purple