If you’re open to feeling pleasure on another level, shop our exciting range of swings now.

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    Premium Sex Sling

    Do you dare take a swing on the wild side? Hook up this premium Leather Sex Swing and you will find yourself moving around with your lover in new and imaginative ways. Break out of the boundary of the bed and travel to an entirely new realm.
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    Love Swing

    Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs. Soft padded stirrups for back and butt supports are fully adjustable.
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    Wild S.E.X. Collection, Spinning Sex Swing

    The Sex Swing you have been waiting for! With a 360-degree rotation for increased range of motion, you and your partner will have endless positions to spin you around.Love positions manual included.

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    Door Jam Sex Sling

    This Sex Sling secures over your solid door. Made of strong, comfortable construction, the seat, hand straps, and foot rests are all easily adjustable.