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What if we told you “fun” sex can be “safe” sex?  

Nope, we don’t mean indoors behind closed doors! We mean “safe” as in safe from sexually transmitted infections – or STIs.

Studies have shown that more than 4 million South Africans are treated for STIs every year, making it an extremely common diagnosis. This means your risk of contracting one is fairly great, and includes the incurable HIV/AIDS. However, knowing what can be done to not become a statistic and carry on having fun in all your favourite naughty spaces, it’s best to know the facts. You can get frisky without the risk – simply empower yourself with these “get-smart-get-sexy” tips:

Be on top of your body’s game before getting on someone else’s!

You need to put your health first by getting tested for any STIs, as these can kill you if left untreated and will be passed on to whoever you have unprotected sex with. It’s incredibly satisfying to know your sexual health status and, of course, prevention is better than cure. But, even if you do have an infection underway, chances are you’ll be able to treat it if it’s caught in time. Your nearest clinic will be able to test you with a blood sample (with the prick of a finger) and/or a screening (pap smear).

Get comfortable with top quality condoms!

You know this all too well: cold mornings spent under the covers, wrapped up warmly between the sheets… It certainly heats things up and helps you wake up with a shake up, or cosy up real close when the sun sets! There are clearly more opportunities for couples to have sex during winter, so it’s a cool idea to keep a large stash of condoms around the house and in your car as a backup.

Stay extra STI-safe!

To stop your libido from dropping as low as the current temperatures, we figured out what it takes to keep your love life white hot with passion and spontaneity. Count on these ultra reliable condoms that fit so comfortably you’ll want to put the “love” in “glove” ASAP…

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