First-time Buyer? Your Sex Toy Questions Answered!

We’re getting straight to the answers of your first-timer questions…
…How do I decide which type of sex toy to buy?
Our bodies and desires are different, so it’s important to know which area stimulates you best. Think of the part of your body that gets you turned on quickly – the vagina, the g-spot, the clitoris, anal stimulation? Once you’ve pin-pointed your erogenous zone(s), look for toys that specifically target it. Take a look at our recommended or bestselling toys […]


Rise & Grind: 3 Tips To Have Mor(e)ning Fun

We get it. Finding the guts to get yourself out of bed is so hard during winter! It’s cold and uncomfortable and too often a major sex drive killer. You’d think cold mornings spent under the covers, wrapped up warmly between the sheets, would heat things up and help you wake up with a shake up, right? Not quite!
Studies have shown that women especially lack motivation to have sex in winter. With shorter days and less intense sunlight, the feel-good hormone […]


The Sexy Side Of Safety: Get Some Hot Glovin’

What if we told you “fun” sex can be “safe” sex?  
Nope, we don’t mean indoors behind closed doors! We mean “safe” as in safe from sexually transmitted infections – or STIs.
Studies have shown that more than 4 million South Africans are treated for STIs every year, making it an extremely common diagnosis. This means your risk of contracting one is fairly great, and includes the incurable HIV/AIDS. However, knowing what can be done to not become a statistic […]


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