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Debunking Lesbian Sex Myths

Debunking Lesbian Sex MythsWhat are some of the myths and misconceptions that hold queer people back from being able to discover what feels good for them? Let’s explore what lesbian sex can be, undefined.READ MOREBest Toys for Folks Who Identify as AsexualsWhile there are asexual folks whom want nothing to do with sex, there are others, who love toys and embrace them fully, no matter the style. Discover our list of the toys for those not quite sex-repulsed, but not [...]
Vibrating Snug Plugs

Pre-Order Vibrating Snug Plugs

For the first time in sex toy history, b-Vibe has combined the incredible sensation of weight and pressure with the power of vibration.PRE-ORDER NOWFeaturing 6 levels of intensity and patterns the Vibrating Snug Plugs will send you to a one way trip to a vibrational wonderland of good vibes.Weighing at 112 to 247 grams the Vibrating Snug Plugs are designed to create a sensual feeling of fullness.A flexible neck, smooth grip handle, and soft, seamless silicone provide the ultimate comfort for extended wear anytime anywhere.The Complete PackageEach vibrating snug plug [...]
safe sex

101 Guide to Safe Sex by Dirty Lola

This year we are celebrating 50 years of Pride. From the riots started by black, Latinx and trans folks that sparked the movement, the push for AIDS awareness and research, to the fight for marriage equality, we have made so much progress. But there is still a lot of work to do. So this Pride season as we gear up to march and dance in the streets filled with glitter alongside LGBTQIA siblings, we have to remember to play safer [...]

Pride Month is here!

Trans Activist XaXa McQueen on the Word “Women”“Vulva Owner” is a gender-neutral term used to refer to a woman or those with vulvas who don’t identify as female. XaXa McQueen discusses the term “Vulva Owners” versus the term “Women” from the perspective of a transwoman in a think piece exclusively for Le Blog.READ MORECould I Be Bisexual, and What Does It Mean?Whether you're out and proud or unsure of where you stand on the scale of gender attraction. Liking both folks with vaginas and folks with a penis [...]

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Is Masturbation Good For You? — Laura Delarato Guess what? I know that you know we all masturbate. I know you have that special way you like to orgasm with your special toys, or special position or that special pillow you lay on. I know that you have masturbated in places you’d never admit to—let along vocalize that you do it. And while I don’t have a psychic streak in my body, I can tell you our bodies, senses, brains [...]

Rabbit Vibrator 101

No matter how much older and wiser we get, we’ll never forget that episode in Sex and The City when Charlotte essentially dates a rabbit vibrator. She spends days in bed, forgoing the miserable dating scene in NYC for the promise of a screaming orgasm from her favorite, trusted sex toy. What you may not know is that this scene jolted the rabbit vibrator into sex toy fame, making it one of the most popular sex toys you can buy. Additionally, rabbit vibrators [...]

Cannabis Sex

As 4/20 approaches, most cannabis connoisseurs are busy making plans, from cannabis-infused cuisine to an elevated dance party, to your standard Netflix and chill night in. Cannabis has a long history as an aphrodisiac, and as our legalities expand with our minds, there are more ways than ever to engage sensually with the worshipped cannabis plant. From cannabis suppositories to pleasure sprays, to old-fashioned inhalation, here are 9 ways to get your pussy high. When we say high, we mean feeling [...]

History Of Butt Plugs

The History of Butt Plugs.   As anal play goes mainstream, butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and all other types of anal toys are also becoming staples in many people’s toy chests. But the history of butt plugs, and anal play, in general, is more nuanced than folks finding the toy that fits their anatomy and desire. Anal toys have evolved from medical devices to taboo kink items, to much more socially accepted enhancements to our couples and solo play. They [...]

Top or bottom? On the Roles for the Hole

Think anal sex is as simple as finding a willing bum, applying some lube, and going for it? Not if you’re a b-Vibe fan, you don’t! We’ve covered the basics of turning anal sex and butt plug play into your new favorite activity, but you might not realize that there’s so much more to this ultra-intimate act that prepping the lube and doing lots of foreplay. Anal play takes many shapes and power dynamics depending on who’s doing the playing. [...]

Which b-Vibe Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

The love of astrology is ever-present in how many of us choose dates, playmates, and partners. Age/ Sex/ Location may be internet hook-up speak of days of yore, but the age-old-question of “what’s your zodiac sign?” lives on. Whether we’re trying to gauge romantic or sexual compatibility with potential partners, or just wanting to have a little fun, astrology opens up conversation and speculation and serves as a great way to break the ice. We’ve adapted some of the classic traits [...]