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Play 101
If you have a prostate or have a partner who has one, you’ve probably wondered what all the buzz is about the P-spot. To bring awareness to prostate and everything related to it, we rounded up the best sex educators to create the most comprehensive and inclusive guide on prostate play.
Asked Questions
What is the prostate?
Where is the prostate located?
What does a prostate orgasm feel like?
And many more get answered in
this guide!
The Best Prostate
Massage Techniques
Once you’ve located the prostate gland, there are a
lot of different massage techniques you can try!
We’ve covered some of the best prostate massage
moves that will get you or your partner curling your
toes in the most delicious way possible.
Find out all the health
benefits of prostate
Studies have shown that regularly milking the
prostate, or massaging the prostate can help reduce
the risk of prostate cancer. Releasing prostate fluid
also flushes out the gland and relieves inflammation
and pressure in the pelvic area.But wait, there is more!
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