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We get it. Finding the guts to get yourself out of bed is so hard during winter! It’s cold and uncomfortable and too often a major sex drive killer. You’d think cold mornings spent under the covers, wrapped up warmly between the sheets, would heat things up and help you wake up with a shake up, right? Not quite!

Studies have shown that women especially lack motivation to have sex in winter. With shorter days and less intense sunlight, the feel-good hormone serotonin has less time to fuel our sex drives. Plus, we’re likely to go into hibernation-mode when we cave in to sugar cravings, exercise less and (sadly!) feel less confident about our bodies.

So, to stop your libido from dropping as low as the temperatures, we figured out what it takes to rise and grind and start the day with a bit more enthusiasm. Whether you’re solo or with someone, get a “move” on with some steamy morning action…

Tune in for a turn-on!

Try getting a few feel-really-good music tracks together on a playlist to instantly boost the mood! Whether it’s sultry R&B, rough ‘n tough rock ‘n roll, smooth blues or groovy love songs, pick all your favourites and turn it up when the alarm goes off.

C’mon, lust relax!

Think missionary is mindless? Not in the AM. If you’re smart about the positions you choose, we promise you won’t need a single caffeine fix to feel energised – just stick to those classics or ‘go-to’ moves you love counting on to get turned on. Trust us, you’ll be an early riser in no time!

It’s playtime, sleepyhead!

Why not get close with a toy of your choice, like a gentle vibrator to get your heart racing and the blood pumping in all your best bits? We bet you’ll be singing Oh Happy Day in the blink of an eye.


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