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Whet Personal Lubricant Extra Virgin 50 ml


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Whet Personal Lubricant Extra Virgin


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Whet Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Whet Water-Based Personal Lubricant is a seductively South African product, which means that it is made locally, (you save on carbon miles) and promote our economy.

Whet Lubricant offers you a high quality lubricant at an affordable price and is available in both plain and berry variants.

The packaging is discreet and designed to appeal to both men and women.

Whet Lubricant is Paraben Free, and uses alternative ingredients as a preservative..

We use pharmaceutical or high- grade products manufacture in an accredited facility where the process is governed by current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, under the auspices of an industrial pharmacist.

Whet Lubricant does not contain polyquaternium which has been shown to increase HIV replication in the cell line.

As with most things in life we need to take personal responsibility for checking the ingredients in a product.

If you do experience irritation when using Whet Lubricant stop using it immediately.


Extra Virgin- Plain

  • Paraben Free
  • Water-based
  • Safe to use with latex and silicone
  • Unscented or Berry
  • Vagina friendly pH
  • Non –sticky
  • Non-staining
  • Easy to wash off
  • Contains no spermicide and is free of polyquaternium.
  • 50ml easy to open flip-top tube