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Waves Of Pleasure Fantasy Vibe


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Waves Of Pleasure Fantasy Vibrator


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This product has imported advanced medical non-toxic soft rubber fine is made for the simulation of surface texture, specially designed for people with special needs in your design. Feel flexible, transparent color, and it is strong, lightweight design, makes even more excited; supply and equipment for the integrated design, easier to use. This applies to goods elderly sexual function abate or long-term living without the law an obstacle to the ladies; couple separated in two places, a strong woman sexuality, and divorced or single woman; especially recommended to the pursuit of quality life experience of the successful woman. Through a variety of functions massage sensitive areas massage, vibration, etc., endocrine regulation, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of life.
Medical Polymer non-toxic materials

The apparatus for personal use should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; cleaning after use of the appliance, the circuit part and avoid contact with water, to avoid circuit breakdown; Do not coat contact with the ink and other dirt easily; collection before the battery box should remove the battery, utensils into packing box, according to the original location of each collection well placed to prepare for the next use.
Phthalate-free, waterproof, quiet, authentic guarantee
Waterproof g-spot vibrating massager