Vibrating Support Plus – Extended Ring Matador


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  • Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This ring is designed to get you hard and keep you there!
  • A perfect fit is all yours with this stretchy and comfortable delight.
  • Added girth means added pleasure – you’ll find exactly what you need to fulfill your every sensual desire.
  • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.




Out of stock

You’ll feel like an unmatched Matador champion when you don this erection-enhancing Extended Ring Matador. Support Plus brings you the world’s first support system with added flexibility and comfort; the enhancer teams up with the unmatched stainless steel support system to add intense, orgasmic sensations to your play. The couple’s enhancer features dual semicircle stainless steel supports for extra stamina and irresistibly firm erections. You’ll love pleasing and teasing with a rock-hard erection that keeps pleasurizing well past your usual threshold. And, with a removable 3-speed push button stimulator ready to vibrate you both over the edge with incredible sensations, you’ll have personalized pleasure in the palm of your hand. The enhancer’s bull head is ready to bury its nose in her clit for intense, targeted, vibrating pleasure. She’ll go wild for the combination of classic lovemaking and erotic external stimulation. Two tantalizing love beads are embedded in the enhancer, reverberating as you thrust for incredible added sensation. You’ll love the intense sensitivity and heightened pleasure that ensues with your increased blood flow, unstoppable erection, and one seriously pleased partner. The micro stimulator and enhancer are both completely waterproof for fun anywhere you go. Please each other in bed, in the tub, in the pool, or anywhere else your imaginations take you. Just pop in 3 watch batteries (6 included) and you’ll be ready to lose yourselves in pleasure. Amp up the pleasure with pressure, , stamina, and powerful vibrations with this couple’s enhancer.