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● Product designed for men and women, it can massage the prostate of the man
● Spiral design for better stimulation
● Flexible head for use from any angle
● IPX4 waterproof design, easy to clean and use
● Unique logo design
● Environmentally friendly material
Technical characteristics
Equipment: Ultra soft silicone + ABS body security
Cut : φ30mm * 113mm
Weight: 90g
Color : Black, Purple
Company Name: SVAKOM Design USA Limited
Rib design
Rib design for better stimulation

IPX4 waterproof
IPX0 – No protection
IPX1 – Protects against water drops
IPX2 – Protects against vertical water drops
IPX3 – Protects against projection up to 60 °.
IPX4 – Protects against splashing water, regardless of direction.
IPX5 – Protects against water jets in all directions
IPX6 – Protection against powerful water jets
IPX7 – Protects in water up to 3 feet (1 meter)
IPX8 – Protects when submerged in water more than 3 feet.

Environmentally friendly material
Bella is made from environmentally friendly silicone, it has passed all strict tests and reached a high level of quality before being placed on the market.

Product designed for men, it can massage a man’s prostate.
Bella is specially designed for men, it is perfect for massaging the prostate.

Box contents

Bella + Dust cover + warranty card

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Bella Ribbed Design Anal Plug

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