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S&M Chained Nipple Clamps


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Command your object of desire’s attention as you experience constant nipple stimulation with Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps. These classic nipple clamps have fully adjustable tension for a more gentle or deliciously firm grip, and the rubber coated tips make for a comfortable feel, although you can remove them for a more intense ‘bite.’ Attached by a (removable) length of sturdy silver chain that adds some weight for even more stimulation, the total stretch of the clamps is just over 40 cm.


In stock

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  • One pair of coated nipple clamps, with tension adjustments, are attached by a nickel-free, 33cm chain.
  • At only 30g, they are perfect for nipple stimulation and may be used in other sensitive areas.
  • Materieals: Nickel free metal, rubber cap
  • Includes: 1 pair of adjustable metal clamps with chain