Silhoette S2 Stimulator


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Sometimes only the most intimate and personal stimulator will do, and this finger vibe delivers. It is soft and silky smooth to the touch, and encased in a lovely, gentle silicone covering. The silicone is completely body safe. It’s a ridged finger massager, so you have extra stimulation. But it’s also stretchy too, so you can easily play around with it and ensure it gets into the right spots, however tight. To add even more to the fun, ask someone else to play. You can vary the speeds, so you have the opportunity to fine tune the pleasure you experience. Take it up to the top level and go to a pleasurable heaven, or take your time with a nice, slow pulse. It’s your choice, and it gives you complete control. The multi-speed adult toy has a generous one year warranty and is 100% waterproof for hygiene and safety. We think it’s one of the best little sex toys around when it comes to pleasure. We think you’ll agree, too.


In stock

Silhoette S2 Stimulator for extra stimulation!