Sex Doll Jessie Jane


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This Jesse Jane sex doll is ready to fulfill all your dirtiest fantasies… The Queen of Porn can be all yours to fuck whenever you want! you can experience a pleasure doll that looks and feels more lifelike than ever before. Jesse is fully-posable, from her eyelids to her feet, so you can enjoy her ultra-realistic mouth, vagina, or anus in any position you desire. She can even stand up on her own!

Her perfect DD-cup breasts will feel soft in your hands, jiggling as you thrust hard into any of her 3 tight, textured holes. Guide her with a firm hand in her long hair, fondle her adorable nipples, and squeeze her perky ass. Dress her up in something cute or slutty.

Use with only water-based lubricants. Wipe down surface and clean out orifices before and after use with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. Keep dry and powdered when not in use. Do not store items on top of doll.

The doll itself is a premium piece, comprised of TPE, Stainless Steel Skeletal structure, Synthetic Fibers, and Acrylic. The doll was created to match Jesse’s precise measurements, including her DD-cup breasts (measurement graphic attached). The vagina is a replica of hers – we now have a direct partnership with a major TPE maker (dildos, etc.) so we created molds of her best parts for use in all of the toys. Due to the quality of the skeleton and overall construction, the doll weighs 73 pounds (33.1 kilos) even though it’s only 65 inches (165 cm) tall.

This doll is fully posable – from her eyelids to your feet. One of the things I like the best is the complete retail box packaging. It’s not often that dolls come with such a selling tool, but it also protects the dolls in a retail store. They can look and see what it looks like exactly, but no one can touch and mistakenly dirty up your item.

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In stock

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This Jesse Jane sex doll is ready to fulfill all your dirtiest fantasies.
You no longer have to settle for just jacking off to Jesse Jane anymore…

  • Measurements: 65 inches tall,
  • 35 inch chest
  • 22 inch waist, and
  • 34 inch hips.
  • Her vaginal and anal depths are 7.5 inches and her oral depth is 6 inches.
  • Her shoe size is 4.5.
  • Material: TPE, stainless steel, synthetic fibers, and acrylic

Color: Flesh