Scandal Red Room Kit


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  • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.
  • For the ultimate in satisfaction, this kit comes with multiple toys to choose from. Go ahead and choose the experience you crave.
  • Enjoy the ultimate in gratification, weighted for your sensual pleasure.




In stock

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Get naughty tonight and explore every sensation with the Scandal Red Room Kit. Drive your partner wild while you touch, tickle, and tease your way to ecstasy. The kit comes with reusable red lovers tape that sticks to itself but not to you – so it will hold your lover in place until you’ve explored every inch of their body and they’re begging for release. The soft, sexy black feather will trail lightly down their body, sending shivers down their spine as they bask in sensation. Tickle their soles or lightly caress the nape of their neck with this pretty little feather. And, when they’re ready to burst with need, insert the body-safe stainless steel Kegel balls and kiss, touch, tease, and tickle them into a long-awaited orgasm. The balls are perfectly weighted for that sweet feeling of fullness she craves and it comes with a sleek designer pouch. So, if all you’re waiting for is your partner begging for release, take this for a spin. It’ll be ecstasy for them and you – whether you’re the teaser or the teased, the relinquisher of power or the partner that craves it, the kit is sure to please. Surrender yourself and give into your desires.