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Rocky virgin stick intimate rejuvenation (tightening stick)

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Get Rid of Vaginal Odour,
Tighten Vagina, and Clear
Vaginal Discharge Quickly!
The Benefits of Virgin Stick
Virgin Stick is an Indonesian herbal soap that is
erotically shaped for ease of use and a bit of solo warm
up (or with your partner in the shower!) This product is
made under the supervision of the Indonesian Health
Board, though it still uses the old recipes that have
worked for hundreds of years. Virgin Stick has many
benefits to your vaginal health; some obvious, some not
so obvious and they are all good reasons to purchase it
and try it out for yourself if you’re suffering from vaginal
odour, odd vaginal discharge, or a loose vagina and all
of the problems that go with these things.
The major benefits of Dr. Lee’s Rocky Virgin Stick are:
1. Gets rid of vaginal odour. This soap gently absorbs and cleans the bad bacteria from
your vagina and deodorizes it. It won’t interfere with the natural bacteria in your body
and it will leave a fresh smell behind which is far better than the fishy odour!
2. Works with your body’s pH balance. You can get rid of the excessive vaginal discharge
and bring it back to normal colour and amount. This will also get rid of the odour since
the excessive and abnormal discharge and odour are generally connected.
3. Raises the testosterone level in your body to enhance sexual experiences. The Virgin
Stick will also tighten up your loose vagina, though this works best in conjunction with
something like Kegel exercises. All of this will mean a greater sexual experience overall
for both you and your partner.
4. Better sex all around. If you are comfortable with your body and don’t feel smelly, oozy,
old, or saggy, you’ll be more willing to put your all into your romps and that will mean
better sex for you and your partner.
The more benefits of the Virgin Stick is:
1. Improved Confidence. The dread of the fishy odour is something that many women live
in fear of and if you have a soap that will prevent it before it even starts, you can enjoy
a boost to your confidence.
2. Decreased chance of yeast infection. Vaginal odour and abnormal discharge, as well as
itching and pain, are usually symptoms of a yeast infection or other bacterial infections.
Virgin Stick helps your body with its natural cleansing functions and so supports you in
your goal at staving off infections that cause problems.
3. It’s a great thing to use for foreplay! Not only can you use it to improve your vaginal
health, but there’s something very sexy about using a soap shaped like a penis to get
going! Plus there’s nothing stopping your partner from lathering you up.
4. it’s extremely convenient. This soap only takes a minute or two to use and it starts to
take effect fairly quickly. Pills and creams on the other hand take longer to take effect,
ignoring the ‘ick’ factor for many women as well as the side effects.
Virgin Stick has some wonderful benefits for you, your body and your sex life.

How to use:

1. Wash hands and genital organ.

2. Take a relax position and insert about three-quarter of the stick into vagina for 2 MINUTES ONLY.

3. Use it 5 minutes before intercourse.

4. After 2 minutes, take the stick out and wash it properly for the next use.

5. To vanish odor use it daily for about 15 seconds.

How to keep:

1. Rinse the stick under running water right after each use.

2. Dry it properly using towel.

3. Keep in a safe place.

4. Do not drop, it break easily.

5. 15 times use-able.

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