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Pretty Love Sex Toys For Women 10 Speed Silicone Vibrating Tongue Waterproof Clitoris Massager G spot Vibrator


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Vibrator purple. Convenient and compact to use. You can easily put in your handbag and use at the right time — for example, at work during lunch, get hold of and find a secluded place to satisfy your clitoris with it, bringing yourself to ecstasy. Or you can also put this wonderful device in your panties – turn on the lock mode, which is also available in this device and go for a walk along the street until you get bored. You can experiment in all versions and wherever you want.

Miniature erotic accessory will appeal to lovers of creative solutions! A stunning device to stimulate erogenous zones diversifies the “prelude”. Caress the clitoris, the vaginal entrance area, nipples, buttocks with such a “sex toy” is a pleasure.

The form of the stimulator resembles a tongue with a tip curved upwards, textured by smooth ribs, and the upper surface is provided with more prominent ribs, as if resembling the veins of a stressed tongue. Ergonomic shape will give you ease of use, which will allow you to fully relax and dive into the erotic abyss of pleasure.

The accessory is made of medical silicone, a safe material that does not cause allergies, does not contain phthalates and does not have an unpleasant smell. It has a water-repellent case and can be used even in the shower.


• The perfect choice to prepare for sex;

• Has an elastic, pleasant to the touch surface;

• 10 modes of vibration;

• Ergonomic shape;

• Suitable for long journeys;

• Hypoallergenic material.

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