Pretty Love Barrack Prostate Stimulator

Pretty Love

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This gorgeous vibrating prostate massager is a luxury sex toy that offers shape and sensation that are perfect for prostate pleasure.


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The vibro-stimulator is one of those devices for the prostate that is able to relieve the symptoms of the disease in a short period of time, allowing you to consolidate the drug therapy. You can carry out procedures using such devices yourself. This was one of the reasons for the increased popularity of such products, because not all patients have the opportunity to regularly visit medical facilities. In addition, a certain percentage of men because of constraints refuses a massage procedure performed by a specialist manually. Vibrostimulator provides the ability to produce the necessary physical effects at home.
BARRACK Vibro-stimulator prostate 30 functions Baile Pretty Love, c vibration, length 14.00cm, diameter 3.30cm

Material: Silicone
Length, cm: 14.00
The length of the working area, cm: 105.00
Diameter, cm: 3.30
Additional diameter, cm: 2.70
Number of vibration speeds: 6
Number of vibration modes: thirty
Type of packaging: Box
Trademark: Baile Pretty Love
Battery Type: Battery + USB
Colour: Pink
Water Resistant: 100%
Weight, gr: 112