Pink Pill 6’S For Women


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Pink Pill – Revive and Ignite your Passion


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With modern day stress, there are more women than men that report low or lack
of sexual interest, arousal and satisfaction. However, women have more potential
for increasing satisfaction and even achieving multiple orgasms.

The Pink Pill is a unique non-prescription formulation of natural herbs and
Phytonutrients that helps to increase a woman’s sexual desire and function.

Now there is the Pink Pill – a product for women to electrify their sex life.

You owe it to yourself to maximize your sexual potential, be the ideal lover your
partner wants you to be and ultimately have the kind of sex you’ve only read of!

• Increased Desire / Libido
• Enhanced Sensitivity & Natural Lubrication
• Improved Energy Levels and Improves excitement levels during foreplay
• Strengthens orgasm and increases possibility of multiple climax
• Intensifies sexual pleasure overall &
• Creates more frequent interest in, and enjoyment of love making

“It seems as though sex was a job and did not happen very often but after taking
The Pink Pill, it’s absolutely great and is happening more often. Your product has
made my husband and I enjoy each other a lot more. It’s like we are in our
twenties again. Thanks a lot Pink Pill for putting a great sex life back into my
marriage.” (Cindy P.)

Dosage: 2 Capsules taken one hour before intercourse.
Specification: 6 Capsules in a container.