Kokos Nymph Masturbator


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Nymph Hand Sleeve Series.

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Perfect addiction of insertion + Pleasant sensation of hot three sisters

Hot Three Sisters / Feels like a lustful woman: Vagina crease and nubs (amativeness) are similar but inside feels narrower offering excellent sensation.

Weight of ass size: The size may be a little bigger to be handled by one hand like general hand jobs, but the thickness is realistic to offer the real feeling of ass.

Feel the tightness and stimulation you want as you insert your penis.

Hold on the smooth silicon right before you cum.

Experience the sensational feeling.


Feeling of a lustful woman

Vagina of early 30s voluptuous women: We analyzed and reproduced a vagina of an early 30s voluptuous woman to ensure to present many combs, creases, nubs along with strong tightening and insertion hole.

Product Specs

Color : Soft Beige

Size   : 9cm X 9.5cm X 18cm

Quality : Soft real skin silicone

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