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Funny Steel Penis Plug With Ring 25g 8mm

Funny Steel

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Dick Tether Pole 8MM Penis Plug


In stock

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Our Dick Tether Pole can change the way you see sex and how you feel about sex. At three inches in length, it makes the perfect penis plug for beginners. If you’re walking on unfamiliar territory, using our 3-inch penis plug allows you to explore this practice.

It’s important to note that it’s best for beginners to start with the shortest penis plug length before going to longer lengths. After getting used to the sensation of a 3-inch penis plug, you may proceed to upgrade to 5-inch penis plugs, then aim for longer plugs afterwards.

Always remember to use lubricant in every session with your penis plug just to avoid injuries. Although water-based lubricants are good enough, it’s always best to go for silicone-based lubricants just to be on the safe side. Never use saliva as a replacement for a lubricant; if you don’t have any with you, it’s best to wait until you have the time to purchase it from the store.

We use high-grade stainless steel to ensure safety and durability. Aftercare is easy; it only takes a couple of minutes to clean it up. Use soapy water or alcohol and dry it up with a clean cloth.

Heighten your sex drive by using our Dick Tether Pole Penis plug; you’re not only giving yourself a favor but your significant other as well!