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Funny Steel Penis Plug 6mm Middle Finger Sign

Funny Steel

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6mm Stainless Steel Penis Plug


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Penis Plugs also known as cock plugs are a type of sex toys inserted into the opening of the urethra to stimulate the nerve ending for sexual enjoyment. This type of sexual enjoyment is called Urethral Play. Urethral Play involves stretching the urethra and massaging the urethra with different textures. These plugs are used by either a man or a woman to masturbate until they reach orgasm.

Anxious to try the plug because it’s your first time? Do not be scared and let us ease your way in. The first step is to clean your plug with soap and water. Apply water-soluble lube and slide it into your hard member. Then, let gravity do its course and you are on the road to unlimited bliss. It may feel awkward at first because the penis is the one usually penetrating the vagina, but this time, the feeling is totally unique since your penis will be the one penetrated. The feeling is indescribable and unbelievable!

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