Fly Swatter Paddle


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A near impossible sensation to describe, with this Fly Swatter Paddle


In stock

Swing and slap with this flexible 53 cm riding crop. Featuring a  leather slapper tip that’s ideal for doling out punishment, grip the wrist loop for extra leverage and let ’em have it! THWACK!

With a leather wrist loop for a perfect grip every time, this slim crop has an extra-long flexible stem that is superb for stark slapping, sharp spanking or gentle teasing, while the classically slim leather tip is the perfect thickness to create that kinky thwacking sound.

Key Features:

  • Leather tip offers a range of sensations and a satisfying ‘thwack’ during play
  • Wrist-loop ensures security during rigorous play
  • Perfect for enhancing S&M and pony play scenarios