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Flip Loop Oriental Duo-tone Balls


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Tone your kegel muscles to experience longer, stronger orgasms and more control. Use your balls for just 30 minutes a day to experience a noticeable change in muscle strength and control, for both you and your partner.

these little pleasure balls are designed to be worn inside the vagina for as long as is comfortable. Your muscles automatically clench around the balls to hold them inside you, giving them an effective workout. You can even wear them as you go about your daily activities.

A smooth plastic outer coating makes insertion easy. Add a small amount of lube to the top ball, relax and pop each ball in one at a time. Each ball contains a smaller metal ball which creates pleasantly satisfying vibrations as they jiggle about – running up the stairs has never been so fun!

Removal is quick and easy. Simply grab hold of the looped removal string and pull. Clean and store away safely until you’re ready for more exercise. 8 Inches.


In stock

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Flip Loop Oriental Duo-tone  balls are designed to stimulate as they tighten and tone your kegel muscles.

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