Fifi Male Toy


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The fifi Dominator is a male masturabator. Unlike other cylindrical penis grippers of a similar persuasion–including your hand–fifi uses disposable sleeves, each intended for a single use, so there’s no meticulous sex toy cleaning and no leftover mess on the flip side of Old Faithful’s eruption. fifi also travels well thanks to an inconspicuous design its makers say people (e.g., customs agents, TSA, your mom) often assume is a portable pillow.

Each fifi purchase also includes 5 packets of lube and 5 disposable sleeve inserts, with additional sleeves available for purchase along with the toys themselves.

  • Nobody would ever suspect that it’s your masturbator
  • Just because you’re good with the ladies doesn’t mean you don’t like to rub one out once in awhile
  • Display it on your nightstand and she may want to try it out on you
  • Unlike other sex toys for men, the fifi doesn’t need cleaning because of its disposable sleeves
  • After use, throw the sleeve out and you’re done
  • fifi rolls as tightly or loosely as you prefer, and for added pressure you just squeeze it


Out of stock

With the amazing FiFi male toy ,Nobody would ever suspect that it’s your masturbator

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