Down & Dirty Ass Rod Anal Trainer Kit


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A strategically graduated, excitingly shaped trio of anal dildos for expert users. Each Down & Dirty piece from the Initiation Kit is sexy, supple, and larger in size than the last, providing a fantastically comfortable and extremely manageable introduction to anal penetration. The shaft is smooth and soft for easier penetration. Use it with or without the help of someone else… Your imagination will do the rest for a more pleasurable experience!


Out of stock

Recommended Use:
– Wash after each use with liquid antibacterial soap and water.
– Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and to air dry completely.
– For maximum pleasure, use lubricant with this product.

– 14 cm length and 6,3 cm diameter.
– 22 cm length and 9 cm diameter.
– 24 cm length and 12 cm diameter.




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