Cyberskin® G-Spot Buzzer, Dark


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The CyberSkin G-Spot Buzzer Shaft is similarly enhanced by subtle yet meticulously detailed veins, creating an even more lifelike experience, no matter how the manageable shape is being employed. A simple twist dial at the base starts up the incredibly powerful motor, a steady pattern of unrelenting vibration can be customized thrillingly from a throbbing tickle to a toe-curling buzz. Made of ABS plastic along with that amazing CyberSkin, CyberSkin G-Spot Buzzer cleans easily with warm soapy water- the sleeve is easily removed for thorough sanitation.

TheCyberSkin G-Spot BuzzerRequires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). 100% waterproof.

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The CyberSkin G-Spot Buzzer Tipped by a dramatic bend that adds a little g-spot loving exaggeration to the Buzzer’s plush, painstakingly detailed shaft, this ultra user-friendly vibe presents its purposeful shape to both inner and outer pleasure pursuits.

Cleaning: CyberSkin needs to be dried thoroughly before storage or repeated use, Topco recommends keeping toys of this material in a plastic bag containing a small amount of cornstarch or Renew Powder to keep the sleeve feeling silky and smooth. Compatible with water and silicone lubricants.