Charged Owow Vooom Mini Vibe


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The Screaming O Charged OWow Ring  is the ultimate rechargeable vibrating cock ring, featuring a brand new low-pitch motor for a distinctly different sensation that both partners can feel deep inside. This powerful sex toy for couples boasts 10 penetrating vibration and pulsation functions that rumble, rather than buzz, and provide an undeniably more satisfying experience. The Screaming O Charged OWow Ring  stretches wide to fit most sizes thanks to the ring’s soft 100% body-safe SEBS material and fits snug.

To enjoy, simply stretch the ring around the base of the penis or penis and testicles (his choice!) and adjust the motor as you like it: It is easily powered up with a USB charge cable (included) for a 60+ minute vibration time and is completely waterproof – so you can take your new favorite couples toy into the bath or shower! And with a 2-year limited warranty, you can enjoy the Screaming O Charged OWow Ring with confidence and get the most our of your pleasure experience.

Available in 3 Co lours : Blue,Grey & Purple


Out of stock

The Screaming O Charged OWow Ring Blue is a rechargeable, reversible vibe ring.