Billy The Kid 10 Function Magenta Vibe


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Being a well balanced vibrator, Billy adapts perfectly to body shapes providing intense sensations With 10 functions and 10 intensity levels for each function transmitted down a ribbed shaft, this extremely quiet silicone vibrator is endlessly versatile. With an instant off button and quiet yet powerful vibrations, this toy is as discreet as it is pleasing.

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Billy the Kid, the bad boy of vibrators. This original outlaw has a reputation for being a wild west warrior as well as a well-balanced vibrator. His tantalizing, twisting shaft makes all the women wail wildly with pleasure as passion rises up their thighs and delight pours from their lips. Perfectly conforming to any anatomy, this magenta mad-man gently adapts to different shapes and sizes to ensure he provides intense stimulation for all the ladies he encounters. Even though he’s a wild child with a trigger finger, coming in guns blazing, his whisper-quiet vibrations are always discreet, allowing you to completely relax and sigh your stresses away. He may compel air, high-pitched sounds of sensation out of you, but he’ll always remain silent, even on his highest, most intoxicating setting. Offering a multitude of options for multiple orgasms, this wicked, wild vibrator has 10, seducing speeds with three, toe-curling intensity levels. Choose from the several slow and steady vibrational settings to rapid, repetitive pulsation. Easily operate Billy the Kid with the small, black button conveniently located on his base. Covered from base to head with a silky, silicone skin, this rugged, rambunctious vibrator is smooth, yet strong and is safe and soft to the touch. To maximize intimacy with Billy the Kid, pair him with your favorite, water-based lubricant and he’ll ultimately gift you with a super-slick glide. Take care of Billy the Kid and he’ll take care of you! After he’s finished seducing your sensitive spot and helping your climax climb to new heights, place Billy the Kid under a steady stream of warm water and cleanse him with a gentle or softsoap.