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Bathmate Hydromax 3


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The first ever micropenis pump – Hydromax3.

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Ensure your pubic area is reasonably well trimmed. This will facilitate the vacuum seal against the pelvic seat.


The first ever micropenis pump – Hydromax3.

Looking for a real, proven way to improve your sexual power? Up until now, there’s been very few options for those affected by micropenis – we’re proud to be releasing Hydromax3, the first pump designed specifically for you.

Ideal for anyone measuring up to 3 inches when erect, Bathmate Hydromax3 uses water power to create powerful, effective pressure. Ready for a real change?

Hydromax3 isn’t just the first micropenis pump on the market – it’s always going to be the best-designed pump. Easy to use in the bath or shower, Hydromax3 uses the power of water to generate real gains. Just fill your pump with warm water, seal it to your body, and wait for 5 minutes (maximum 15 minutes use per day).You’ll see a real improvement immediately, though this initial boost won’t last forever. Keep up with your Hydromax3 routine, though, and you’ll build real, lasting gains, improve your sexual stamina, and really upgrade your personal confidence.Fits sizes 1 – 3″ (3 – 8cm)


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