Amuse Plug Purple Medium


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Flexible and made out of 100% silky touch silicone, it adapts optimally and smoothly to the anatomy
With their exclusive designs, flexible without losing the necessary firmness, gentle to the body thanks to their silky touch silicone, easy to clean and hypoallergenic, the Adrien Lastic “Amuse” are the best option for lovers of anal pleasures.


Out of stock

Bringing an entirely new peak of perfection and excitement to anal play, Amuse plug medium is a perfect partner for any lover of erotic enchantment. With an exquisite design, curvy body and multiple sizes to choose from, this sleek anal plug excels in the art of gentle, yet enchanting anal stimulation. Amuse plug medium has a beautiful, curvy body gradually increases in size, allowing any user to enjoy her in her entirety, one smooth bump at a time. Starting at the top with the tapered, thumb-shaped tip and working down to the bulbous base, the smooth, grooved body eventually extends in to luxurious lumps of enticement. As sleek as it is strong, Amuse plug medium flaunts its sturdy, flexible frame and silky, slick silicone skin, completely covered with a velvety feel from base to tip. Soft and safe to the touch, this bold, exhilarating butt plug is hypoallergenic and is kind on the most sensitive skin. Amuse comes in three, alluring sizes; small, medium and large. Averaging 10 centimeters in length, the smallest size provides a welcoming fit for beginners in its sleek, jet black covering. Boasting a bold, purple color, the medium-sized Amuse is 11.5 centimeters in length and has a smooth, curvaceous silhouette, like that of a goddess. Measuring a full 13.8 centimeters in length, the largest Amuse plug medium provides a hefty, snug fit for those who are expert enough to bare the muscle of this large, onyx-colored anal stimulator. Creatively designed with a gentle, seamless glide for any level of expertise, this velvety, curved Amuse plug medium adapts to the anatomy, offering exceptional ease of insertion and satisfaction. For a simpler, slicker insertion and a wetter, wilder playtime, pair your Amuse plug medium with your favorite, water-based lubricant.

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