4M Endurance Masturbation Cream W/Gensing


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4M Endurance Masturbation Cream w/ Ginseng, 4.5 fl oz, to help improve stamina as well as increase pleasure


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Formulated to help improve stamina as well as increase pleasure, each dollop of this moisturizing water-based cream contains Vitamin E and ginseng – a natural compound prized for its performance-enhancing properties. Made in the USA

Item Dimensions:
Item Width:7.11 cm
Item Height: 7.24 cm
Item Depth:7.11 cm
Item Weight:0.023 kg

Package Dimensions:
Package Width:7.11 cm
Package Height: 7.24 cm
Package Depth: 7.11 cm
Packaged Weight:0.023 kg

Purified Water (Aqua), Ethylhexyl, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, VegetableGlycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Carbomer, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolomine

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