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46cm Tail With Metal Butt Plug Purple & White

Ideal leather

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This  stainless steel plug provides for more durability and ease of use, and the shape is designed to keep it well in place during your anal adventures.

Have you ever dream’t of having a super fluffy tail to enrich your bedroom role-play? Well, dream no more and get this white and purple fox tail butt plug. It’s guaranteed to bring that foxy tail fetish into reality and take your role play to the next level. Your partner will definitely be excited to see you wag that soft fluffy tail.

This fox tail features a 100% safe stainless steel butt plug that fits nicely without falling off. The plug is not only nice but provides pleasurable, non-painful stimulation too. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

The cute fluffy white and purple foxtail is made of faux fur. It feels nice and smooth to the skin and doesn’t require much maintenance. It is not made of fur and can easily be blow dried or washed without a problem.  It is designed in a screwed tail style which allows you to twist it in any shape that you desire thanks to a plastic skeleton inside the furry tail.



    Out of stock


    •  Material: Stainless Steel and Fur Tail
    •  Color: Rainbow

    Tail Length: 46 cm

    Use Diameter: 3.5 cm