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    Lush Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator

    Let him control you!

    LUSH is a remote control vibrator- finally done right.

    Most non-tech remote control vibrators have weak vibrations and cheap remotes. They typically break after just a few uses. High tech bluetooth remote control vibrators typically have bluetooth connection issues. They are made by companies that don’t understand the underlying technology and outsource key parts of the product like app development. LOVENSE specializes in sex tech. The antenna technology being used in LUSH is unlike any of our competitors. The vibrator we use is powerful, but nearly silent when inserted. Our full time software development team is constantly updating the apps and adding new features based on customer feedback.

    Strongly, Rumbly Vibrations – The most powerful bluetooth remote control vibrator available!
    Fully optimized for home or public play (powerful, but nearly silent!)
    Longest Control Range of any bluetooth toy (optimized bluetooth antenna technology)
    Long Distance Control – Connect with a partner via our app for fun from any distance!
    Unlimited Vibration Patterns – Our app allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns!

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    Anal Pleasure Beginer’S Prostate Stimulator

    This is your basic, and pretty essential, beginner’s prostate massager.This is a non vibrating male sex toy and it can work in several different ways.

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    Dorcel Power Clit

    Experience shared pleasure with the dorcel power clit. The exclusive cock ring is equipped with a powerful engine which provides powerful vibrations. Share delightful sensations with your partner. A special outgrowth in silicone will increase her pleasure by tickling her clitoris. Dorcels power clit provides a unique stimulation for targeted pleasure.

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    We Vibe Unite Purple

    We Vibe Unite™ provides hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, with a slim design that’s comfortable and fun for you both via wireless remote control.

    Durable, powerful, whisper-quiet vibrator great for couples
    Provides hands-free clitoral stimulation for her with a slim, flexible design that is comfortable for both partners
    Fits seamlessly between partners and stays in place while vibrating
    3 speeds and 7 modes to choose from
    Made from body-safe silicone
    Free from phthalates and BPA
    Does not contain latex
    Lasts for up to 60 minutes of play on a single charge
    Easy-to-use remote featuring a single button can be used from up to three meters away
    Care instructions: wash under running water
    Insertable length: 3”
    Product dimensions: 74.6mm x 45.5mm x 29.7mm

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    Screaming O Ringo

    These super-stretchy cock rings have one purpose: to help keep his erections strong and hard. No bells and whistles, just straight-up better sex!

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    Tongue Vibe – Pink

    This travel-size toy can also be used on a fingertip for even more erotic possibilities. The strap has ridges to help hold this soft silicone tongue in place while you are discovering new pleasure zones, and with no cords to tie you down, you can take it anywhere!

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    8mm Rattan Single Cane

    For the ultimate caning experience these 8mm single wooden canes, treated with linseed oil, will hit the spot.

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    Screaming O Fingo Tips Blue

    The Screaming O FingO Tips Blue is a Micro Fingertip Vibe.

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    Furry “Love Cuffs” Handcuffs

    For those of us who want to get into a little bondage but without the pain.

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    Game Xxxopoly

    A unique couples board game, proven to strengthen the relationship between you and your special someone. This couples board game puts a romantic spin for you and someone else to enjoy!

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    Game Fifty Nights Of Naughtiness

    Explore the excitement of eroticism and control play. 50 invitations for exciting, pleasurable adventures for loving couples who enjoy fantasy play.

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    Our First Bondage Kit Black

    This kit is perfect for couples who want to explore light restraint play.

    Kit includes these soft black accessories: 1 blindfold and 4 wrist/ankle cuffs with extensions.

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    S&M Chained Nipple Clamps

    Command your object of desire’s attention as you experience constant nipple stimulation with Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps. These classic nipple clamps have fully adjustable tension for a more gentle or deliciously firm grip, and the rubber coated tips make for a comfortable feel, although you can remove them for a more intense ‘bite.’ Attached by a (removable) length of sturdy silver chain that adds some weight for even more stimulation, the total stretch of the clamps is just over 40 cm.

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    Luxury Fetish Passionate Flogger

    Passionate Flogger to Spice up Sex Life!

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    Screaming O RingO X3

    The Screaming O RingO X3 help keep him harder longer with stronger, fuller and firmer erections, and fans can enjoy three unique super-stretchy sizes in two colors to find their perfect fit!

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    Game Xxxtra Naughty Nights Dice

    Erotic Dare Dice For Couples Who Like XXXtra Naughty Fun!

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    Magic Massager, 220 V

    Deep massaging vibrations through a soft, flexible head.

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    Fifty Days Of Play – Blindfold Black

    Blindfolded, your world is enveloped in delicious darkness. Your sense of sight is diminished, dramatically enhancing all other senses.

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    Intro To S&M Kit Black

    For the couple seeking adventure, this is a sensory delight. Fur-covered metal cuffs, a soft satin blindfold and supple faux leather whip are all included in this introductory kit.

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    Luxury Fetish Ball Gag

    Luxury Fetish Ball Gag

    A good ball gag is a staple of any fetish or bondage collection, and this beginner friendly, breathable.

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    Wrist Cuffs Luxury Fetish

    Soft Fur Restraint Wrist & Ankle Cuffs Bondage Fetish Role Play!

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    Warm Winter Nights Heart 21 Erotic Chall

    With 21 erotic wintry challenges contained in a sweet heart box, prepare for some winter nights to get seriously hot!

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    Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs

    This set of two magnetic orbs is for powerfully pinched pleasure. Small in size yet intense, when these balls are placed on sensitive flesh, the magnets start to apply pressure.

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    Game Domin8 Quickie

    24 New & Erotic Domin8 Scenarios Exploring Control Play in an Easy & Fun Way.

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    Mini Love Eggs

    Treat yourself to some discreet but powerful pleasure with the 12 speed remote vibrating clit stimulator.

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    Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit

    Make any bed your bondage playground with this easy to install kit. A bedroom bondage kit with cuffs. No bed posts required!

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    Adam Male Toys™ Cock N Load Cock Rings

    Extra stretchy TPR rings grip your cock, giving you harder erections that last longer.

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    Luxury Fetish Eye Mask

    A gorgeous diamond patterned blindfold, this classic pleasure tool fits snugly and securely over the eye area, blocking light and keeping the intentions of your playmate excitingly concealed.

    Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself.

    When you put it on your partner, it softly covers their eyes, keeping your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation that heightens their sexual desire.

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    Chrome Hand Cuffs With Extended Chain & Keys

    Chrome Hand Cuffs With Extended Chain & Keys for the Adventures types!

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    Breathable ball gag restraints for Kinky Fun!

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    Screaming O Two-O

    The Screaming O Two-O vibrating ring features two mini motors attached to a super-stretchy and comfortable pleasure ring for better, more satisfying sex.

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    Luxury Fetish Passionate Paddle

    Black vinyl paddle with XOXO design. Leaves a great impression!


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