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    Lush Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator

    Let him control you!

    LUSH is a remote control vibrator- finally done right.

    Most non-tech remote control vibrators have weak vibrations and cheap remotes. They typically break after just a few uses. High tech bluetooth remote control vibrators typically have bluetooth connection issues. They are made by companies that don’t understand the underlying technology and outsource key parts of the product like app development. LOVENSE specializes in sex tech. The antenna technology being used in LUSH is unlike any of our competitors. The vibrator we use is powerful, but nearly silent when inserted. Our full time software development team is constantly updating the apps and adding new features based on customer feedback.

    Strongly, Rumbly Vibrations – The most powerful bluetooth remote control vibrator available!
    Fully optimized for home or public play (powerful, but nearly silent!)
    Longest Control Range of any bluetooth toy (optimized bluetooth antenna technology)
    Long Distance Control – Connect with a partner via our app for fun from any distance!
    Unlimited Vibration Patterns – Our app allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns!

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    Svakom Trysta Vibrator

    Svakom Trysta Plum Vibrator ,Targeted rolling G-spot vibrator.

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    SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Male Masturbator 

    The perfect gift for men, SVAKOM Hedy is discreet and made of ultra soft TPE material to provide the feel of a real vaginal inner structure. Because of its excellent elasticity, it fits multiple sizes and helps you handle yourself the way you please!

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    JO® H20 Original Water-based Lube 60/120/240ml

    Formulated using a purely plant-based glycerin, this top selling lubricant provides a silky smooth and comforting glide with no stick, fragrance or tack residue. Plus, it is toy-friendly and condom compatible!

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    Anal Superglide

    Hot Anal Superglide is a high quality personal lubricant for high demands. It is a waterbased lubricant that will provide comfort during anal intercourse.

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    Svakom Elva Violet Egg

    The Svakom Elva Violet Egg helps couples to spice things up and have a variety of exciting moments in love life.
    Use this bullet vibrator to increase satisfaction for your sexual relationship and your chances to reach a more passionate orgasm. With the wireless remote control, this egg vibrator can be used alone, or between couples.
    Put the remote control in the hands of your partner and enjoy the fun and exciting interaction.

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    JO® Naturalove™ USDA Organic Toy Cleaner 120ml

    This gentle, soap-free cleaner is your natural toy care alternative. Simply spray the cleaner on the toy, let sit 5-10 seconds, and rinse clean. The organic lemon fruit extract works quickly to keep your toys ready for play.

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    Screaming O Fingo Tips Blue

    The Screaming O FingO Tips Blue is a Micro Fingertip Vibe.

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    Dorcel Orgasmic Rabbit Gold

    Attention assured addiction !


    The reference to an explosion of pleasure. THE must of sex toy , THE benchmark for female pleasure .
    The vibrator Dorcel Orgasmic Rabbit promises to reach 7th Heaven with three simultaneous effects :
    a special swivel head G , rotating balls for vaginal and clitoral massage . 

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    Dorcel Orgasmic Rabbit

    The Dorcel Orgasmic Rabbit is the expert in female orgasms.

    The must-have Sextoy, with its G-spot stimulating head, beaded rotating shaft and clitoral rabbit tickler; the orgasmic rabbit will take you to 7th Heaven. Risk Orgasmic rabbit addiction!

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    Screaming O Ringo

    These super-stretchy cock rings have one purpose: to help keep his erections strong and hard. No bells and whistles, just straight-up better sex!

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    JO® H2O Cherry Burst Water-based Lube 30ml

    Formulated with a pure plant-based glycerin and infused with natural flavour extracts, this product excites your tastebuds and increases your appetite for pleasure. With no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, it is also a guilt-free addition to bedroom play! 

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    Screaming O Dynamo Delay

    DYNAMO™ DELAY is a an Over-the-Counter medicine
    that treats Premature Ejaculation (PE) but can be
    used by anyone to slow the onset of orgasm.

    The secret to longer lasting, more satisfying sex for
    you and your partner is just a spray away.

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    Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure 30Ml Waterbase

    Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure is known for its uncompromising quality. If you are looking for a water-based lubricant, this is it! Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure offers you all the benefits of a water-soluble lubricant. It is light and soft to use, leaves no stains behind and can be used without problems in combination with all your favorite toys. Afterwards you can simply rinse it under the shower or with a little water. Of course you always want to have such a nice product with you! Do not worry, because Hot has also taken this into account. This handy tube of 30 ml. fits easily in your suitcase or handbag, and if it even needs to be in your pocket. Order it quickly, and ensure yourself of liquid pleasure.

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    Dorcel Deep Vibe

    Vibrating Orgasmic Sleeve Dorcel Deep Vibe

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    Fifty Days Of Play – Blindfold Black

    Blindfolded, your world is enveloped in delicious darkness. Your sense of sight is diminished, dramatically enhancing all other senses.

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    Hot Exxtreme Anal Spray 50Ml

    Anal Exxtreme Spray is especially suited for heightening the pleasure of anal intercourse .

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    JO® Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner 207ml

    Designed to clean intimate items with a gentle formula that is both fast acting and leaves no residue, this product is the perfect triclosan- and paraben-free option. It is safe for all toy materials and gentle on hands during use.

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    Svakom Mini Emma Plum Red Wand

    SVAKOM Mini Emma Ultra Soft Vibrator

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    Blindfolded, your world is enveloped in delicious darkness. Your sense of sight is diminished, dramatically enhancing all other senses.

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    Hot Superglide Edible Lub Rasberry 75Ml

    100% edible lubricating gel!

    The fresh and fruity rasberry taste on the lips and tongue makes for oral sex even more pleasurable and interesting for both partners.

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    Fifty Days Of Play – Bondage Tape Black

    Bound and tied you surrender to sensual submission. Black bondage tape for every bondage dream.

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    Dorcel Real Vibration M

    The Dorcel Vibrator Real Vibration M has a semi-realistic design will remind your most ardent fantasies: take control of your destiny and enjoy your orgasm.

    Your best friend for a real pleasure!

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    Screaming O Bullet Silver

    Screaming O Bullets is the ultimate go-anywhere.

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    Zemalia Sally Prostate Stimulator

    The Zemalia Sally is your ultimate toy for male prostate stimulation and female G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It has a spiral design for better stimulation and has a powerful vibration.

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    Bodywand Mini Neon Pink

    Mini magic wand vibrator for intense vibrating intimate stimulation and massage!

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    Bodywand Plug-In Multi Function Europe

    Soft-touch. Assortment of attachments available for increased sensations. Engineered for strong and continuous stimulation. Designed with subdued sound levels. Simple one finger control. No running out of batteries for unlimited enjoyment.

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    Dorcel Baby Rabbit

    An explosion of pleasure!

    Don’t take chances on being disappointed during your solo play sessions; get the Dorcel Baby Rabbit and experience pleasure like never before!

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    Screaming O Two-O

    The Screaming O Two-O vibrating ring features two mini motors attached to a super-stretchy and comfortable pleasure ring for better, more satisfying sex.

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    Svakom Cici Violet

    CICI has a intelligent mode which highly imitates the whole sex process from foreplay to climax. Simply press the S key, a wonderful sex journey awaits.From bashful foreplay, sexy teasing, strong pulsing, to multiple climaxes, it's a heavenly sex experience you don't want to miss.

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    Shot By The Power Of Love 10 Speed

    The RO-160mm has incredibly powerful vibration and is Rocks-Off’s biggest bullet. With a tapered top, it fits perfectly to the stimulation of your clitoris.

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    Svakom Limited Edition Gift Box

    This year surprise your special one with SVAKOM limited edition gift box for night of unlimited pleasure.

    We combined modern and classic designs to give this Box an elegant and sensual feeling. The intense red color together with the waves of passion will make you and your partner get lost in a vortex of pleasure.

    We produced only a limited quantity of these unique red vibrators.
    Be one of the few SVAKOM elite members by having one of the 500 pieces existing on the planet.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a vibrator veteran or a newbie, SVAKOM combined the best toys of each category to guarantee you a long lusting night.


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