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Trans Activist XaXa McQueen
on the Word “Women”
“Vulva Owner” is a gender-neutral term used to refer to a
woman or those with vulvas who don’t identify as female.
XaXa McQueen discusses the term “Vulva Owners” versus the
term “Women” from the perspective of a transwoman in a think
piece exclusively for Le Blog.
Could I Be Bisexual,
and What Does It Mean?
Whether you’re out and proud or unsure of where you stand on
the scale of gender attraction. Liking both folks with vaginas
and folks with a penis – regardless of your gender identity –
ain’t no crime. This blog post from our sister brand, b-Vibe,
covers the low-down on loving more than one gender, and what
it means to be a proud, modern bisexual.
“It’s an all-in-one toy for clitoris stimulation,
anal penetration, and hitting the G-spot,
so you know it’ll pack a punch for
everyone involved.”

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