Kegel Balls


If you’re looking to work up a sensual sweat, shop our exciting range of Kegel balls now.

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    Sir’S Golden Geisha Balls

    Sirs Golden Geisha Balls. Supremely weighted orgasm inducing balls that are ideal for Kegel strengthening and stimulating her from the inside out.

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    Duo Balls Hot Pink Dotted

    Duo Balls Hot Pink Dotted is a new concept in unisex Chinese balls whereby the vibration of each movement works to stimulate and tone the pelvic muscles, thereby leading to intense orgasms. The point of attachment for the balls is completely flexible, allowing them to adopt any position desired. They are also covered in silicone to ensure total hygiene. The quiet, anti-allergic balls are suitable for both vaginal and anal use, and their size allows for discreet use throughout the day whilst undertaking your usual daily activities.

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    Her Kegel Kit

    For the ultimate in satisfaction, this kit comes with multiple toys to choose from. Go ahead and choose the experience you crave.

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    Sir’S Gold Plated 1″ Kegel Balls

    …Palm up…Sir commands, placing Sirs Golden Benwa Balls in my upturned hand. Feeling them roll around in my palm, they are sleek orbs that warm quickly to my touch. Noticeably weighted and beautiful to behold, I am curious. Sir reads my expression, and answers it with a sly smile and says simply…Open up, my dear…

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    Orgasmic Balls Pink

    Tone up as you get of with the ultimate duo balls.

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    Fifty Shades Of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set

    The Fifty Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Ball Set is the ideal tool to tone your pelvic floor and enjoy delicious internal stimulation.

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    Pleasure Balls 9Cm

    If you want tighter vagina muscles and a sex toy that will stimulate you throughout the day then this incredible set of balls will do the trick.

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    Up! Tone It Up! Kegel Balls – Pink

    Tone up your sexiest pleasure muscles with the Up! Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls. Feminine colors and a sensual, flowing design will get you into a naughty mood while these specially designed balls provide targeted resistance to help you get the most out of your sex life. Who said exercise had to be all about work?


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