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We’re getting straight to the answers of your first-timer questions…

…How do I decide which type of sex toy to buy?

Our bodies and desires are different, so it’s important to know which area stimulates you best. Think of the part of your body that gets you turned on quickly – the vagina, the g-spot, the clitoris, anal stimulation? Once you’ve pin-pointed your erogenous zone(s), look for toys that specifically target it. Take a look at our recommended or bestselling toys as a starting point, or do some research online to find reviews on any products you may be interested in.

…Does the price make a difference to my experience with a sex toy?

This is a tricky one! As with most products in life, the higher the price, the greater the guarantee of its longevity. Adult toys are made from various materials and quality certainly comes into question – silicone, glass or stainless steel generally cost more. Having said this, if you’re a beginner and new to the adult toy world, consider cheaper ones to test whether the stimulation effects are what you expected. Once you can identify the type of toy that suits you best, you can upgrade without regrets.

…What is the first thing I should know about a sex toy?

It really starts with yourself. Take any new sex toy for a ‘test drive’ in the privacy of your own space. Experiment and get comfortable with its ins and outs. This only makes it easier for you to introduce sex toy play to your partner, and enjoy the stimulation effects together, without having to figure anything out. Try these amazing lubricants to make your experiences even more enjoyable!

…Where do I store my new sex toy?

Sex toys are used in very sensitive areas and while there’s nothing unhygienic about genitals, bacteria can build up on your toys and spread. Regular cleaning does the trick! Take good care of your new toy with a sex toy spray or -cleaner to condition the material and help the product last longer.

Favourites for your first time!

If you’re stuck on what to choose as your first sex toy, we can recommend these easy-to-operate vibrators to help you get the feel of it!

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