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Everyone is losing their minds over coconut oil. It’s been around forever, but it’s having a true media moment. We can understand why.

Coconut oil is fabulous for literally almost everything. It makes an amazing hair mask, skin moisturizer, and is a healthy addition to a morning smoothie. But, did you know coconut oil is actually great for sex stuff, too?

You guessed it: Lube. We can’t say enough great things about coconut oil as lube. It is slippery, stays in place, and smells AMAZING. You can use it as a sensual massage oil and then USE IT AS LUBE. What’s not to love?

Why coconut oil as lube?

Everyone is on this coconut oil train right now. With so many low-quality, chemical-filled products on the market, it can be difficult to find a safe, natural option for your cooter.

Didn’t know your pussy should go organic? We have news for you.

You do not want to be using bargain basement, pharmacy lube. The mucus-rich vaginal and vulva skin is amongst the most absorbent parts of the entire body. You don’t want to be putting any gross KY Jelly down there. That is a one-way ticket to a yeast infection. No, thank you. When buying lube (whether it’s a natural oil, silicone-based, or water-based lube), you want to be sure that it is free of parabens, harmful chemicals, and glycerine.

This is where coconut oil comes in. It is a great natural lube for all people with a vulva (and those with penises, as well). Coconut oil doesn’t have any added ingredients or chemicals so you know you’re getting the good stuff. And you deserve that.

What’s the best coconut oil for lube?

Thankfully, there is no “WHAT TO BUY?!” headache with coconut oil. You can simply go to the local Whole Foods and buy a jar of 100% pure, organic coconut oil. Be sure that it’s virgin and unrefined (both terms that are LOL considering that we’re talking about sex).

If you’d rather try a coconut oil lubricant (like from a company that makes lube), we love the Coconut Love Oil by Woo More Play. This product stays in place, is never too greasy, and absorbs into the skin leaving you moisturized AND post-orgasmic. Plus, your whole room will smell like a tropical paradise.

If you’re prone to yeast infections…

Something to keep in mind when considering coconut oil as your lube of choice is whether or not you’re a vulva-owner who gets regular yeast infections. Coconut oil is an amazing lube alternative for women with sensitive skin or allergies, but it is also an antifungal and anti-bacterial agent.

If you’re a regular yeast infection-getter, coconut oil might not be the best option for you. Anything that can disrupt your pH balance is not ideal for Yeast Queens.

For the most part, you probably won’t have an issue with coconut oil as it is pretty mild. This author bakes bread on the reg and I’ve never had a problem with coconut oil.

If you start getting yeast infections after using coconut oil, stop using it. Go with a premium water-based lubricant instead. We like System JO as a water-based option.

When coco is a definite no-go

While coconut oil is the slipperiest of the slidiest lubricants, it is not always a good choice. If you’re using latex or polyisoprene condoms as a form of protection against STIs and/or pregnancy, you’ll want to steer clear of all oil-based lubes (such as vitamin E oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc.)

You might be saying: Awwww. Bummer. WHY?!

Oil lubricants are not compatible with latex or polyperine. They cause corrosion which can lead to breakage. And no one needs that in their life. If you and your partner have both been tested for STIs, are monogamous, and are using an alternative form of birth control, you can forgo condoms, if you choose.

If you’re using condoms, stick with a water-based or silicone based lube.

Another time coco is no-no (we’re not going to stop this rhyming bit) is when you’re using silicone toys (such as your Le Wand Massager). Oil-based lubes have a tendency to break down the material of your toys, smudging away years of their lives.

If you want to use an oil-based lube with your favorite silicone toys, be sure to wash them thoroughly with soap and water AS SOON as you’re finished using them. We recommend sticking with a water-based lubricant when using silicone toys, as it’s just plain better for them.

If your toy is made from glass or stainless steel, use as much coconut oil as you want. It won’t harm them!

Think about your options and pick the lube that works best for you. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll find your stride (and glide).

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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